Albion Skin Conditioner Review:Is it a acne killer for you?

albion skin conditioner - Albion Skin Conditioner Review:Is it a acne killer for you?

For skin care products, higher price doesn’t always equate to better effect. Once upon a time, I believed in using pricey products to get a better effect on my skin. But I totally change my mind after using hundreds of products. Albion Skin Conditioner belongs to the side of “pricey products”. Is it worth the price or just more in name than in reality? Here I will give you my answer.


Who is Albion Skin Conditioner?

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The full name of this product is “Albion Essential Skin Conditioner”. It is quite popular in Asia especially in Japan, China, and Korea. Recently, it gains its popularity in the US as well. Albion company was founded in 1956, now has become a part of KOSE Cosmetic Group (to know more about Albion, you can visit here). This essential skin conditioner is their flagship product which won lots of awards during these years. You may say so, people know Albion starting from its essential skin conditioner.

A while ago, my skin falls into a pimpled, ill-conditioned state. Therefore I must find a solution for it! I heard about this toner for a while and I decided to try it at that moment. Now I almost finish it and I think it is a good time to give a review.



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This conditioner is in a plastic bottle with green character and silver-color lid. In addition, a Job’s tear pattern is on the front of the bottle just like hatomugi skin conditioner . The plastic is so thick that I thought it should be glass at the beginning.  I will not say the appearance is elegant or beautiful. But it does its job anyway.The bottle is transparent and you can see lotion’s color is white. Just like “milk”!



  • When you see the pattern outside, I think you already know the most important ingredient in this product is  Job’s Tears ( also called “hatomugi” or “coix seed”), which is often been used in medicine and skin care. Job’s tears is a kind of plant seed with the effect of reducing swelling and whitening skin. Albion chooses the specific hatomugi from Japan which is believed to have a better effect than normal hatomugi.
  • Other ingredients include water, alcohol, Butylene Glycol, Aesculus hippocastanum, Glutathione, Hamamelis virginiana, Chondrus Crispus and so on.



The smell is not like other conditioner made from plants, it smells like soap. Yes, it is the same as soap. Maybe you will feel not so “organic” or “natural” at the first time. However, I fall in love with it after 2 or 3 times later.



  1. Use it as conditioner

    It is highly recommended to use with a cotton pad. Put the cotton pad soaked with conditioner water all over the face and neck. Then just continue your skin care routine. Sometimes I just apply it directly on my face.I don’t think there could be a big difference.It is worth noting that if you use it with [amazon link=”B00C62Y7EK” title=”Albion Moisture Milk” /] the skin care routine will be: cleanser, moisture milk then skin conditioner and serum. If you use it with other product, you just apply it in your common way.

  2. Use it as” water ” facial mask

    There was a trend towards using conditioner as “water” facial mask. Put 4-5 cotton pad or paper mask soaked with conditioner water on your face. Leave it for 10 minutes to give your skin an intensive treatment.



Albion skin conditioner has lots of amazing effects on all the marketing material such as tightening the skin, reducing acne, combating roughness. It seems like it can do all the tasks. Is it true?

From my own experience, it is a really good product for acne treatment. When I got new breakouts, I will do a water facial mask or just put a cotton pad on the acne for a few minutes. The next day, those pimples just disappear or become much smaller than before. I am a combination skinned girl, my T-area will keep fresh whenever I use it. Yes, it helps to control oil secretion. If you have dry skin, I don’t think it would be a good choice for you.

With the effect of alcohol, I feel cool when I pad it on my face. But the feeling disappears so quickly that I don’t get any irritation. For sensitive skin, you should be careful about alcohol.

For whitening effect, I can’t see any visible difference in skin tone before and after. However, it does help to combating roughness, maybe because it helps me to reduce acne.

All in all, it would be a smart investment if you want a good acne treatment product. However, if you only need a conditioner to moisturized  your skin or keep your skin state, maybe it is a little bit pricey for you.


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