Beauty Oil for Face-Best 3 Beauty Oils for All Skin Type

Haba Squalane

We are used to using oils as make-up remover. However, some people don’t know that oil can be used as a replacement for moisturiser or serum as well. In the last few years, beauty oil for face become accepted and loved by more and more people. It is gentle and effective. I have 3 products should recommend to you.Some brands may not popular, but you should have a try.

3 beauty oil for face to you


1.Haba Squalane

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Haba is a cosmetic brand from Japan. Its popularity in Japan and China is higher than in US. Their product characteristic is additive-free.

Haba Squalane Oil is my favourite product in HABA. The smallest size is only 15 ml. When I received it at the first time, I thought it is too small than I imagined. But it can last for 2 month, even I used it day and night.

It has very good moisture effect, and absorbs super fast.Don’t worry! It is very light and will not make your skin greasy. My face become softer immediately. It helps to prevent my makeup from flaking off. It is very gentle and fragrance-free. The color is transparent.

I already used 4 bottles and decide to keep going.

haba oil - Beauty Oil for Face-Best 3 Beauty Oils for All Skin Type

How to use:

1.Take one drop,mixed with your toner and apply to your face. Then you can continue your skin care process.


2. Take one drop, mixed with your facial cream after all other skincare process.


3.Sometimes you can use it directly as night facial cream when you want to give your face a vacation.



2.Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

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Rosehip oil is famous for its healing effect. In ancient , people already used as remedy in Egypt , Maya. In UK, it also be used as a syrup to resist infection.

Trilogy is a brand from New Zealand. The oil colour is golden with berry and  nutty smell. If you a organic product lover, definitely it is your choice.

I love it because it is light. My face skin become smooth and glowing after applying to my skin. It also helps to eliminate acne in some circumstances. But some of friends say it is not.

How to use:

The same as Haba Squalane, mixed with toner or facial cream,apply directly to your skin after shower is a good choice as well.

Miranda Kerr said she used it only as night facial cream.


3.John Masters Organics Facial Nourishing Oil

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ir?t=goshopping0d1 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B001943US0 - Beauty Oil for Face-Best 3 Beauty Oils for All Skin Type

Love the appearance  with brown glass bottle. John master is famous for their hair care products. But this beauty oil is fabulous as well.

It consists of sunflower oil, olive oil, evening primrose oil and so on. The smell makes so relaxing and I always expect the moment to apply it.

No oily residue, it is a perfect supplement of facial cream to make your skin soft and smooth.

How to use:

Same as Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil and Haba Squalane above.



ALL in all,these 3 oils can be used both in Winter and Summer for all skin types. You can increase to 2-3 drop a time in Winter.



It is better to use beauty oil for face with massage.It will make the oil more effective.

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