Haba Skincare Review-Good Additive-Free Product For Sensitive and Dry Skin

haba skincare

Haba Skincare is a famous brand in Japan. But in the US, it is still niche brand. I heard HABA from one of my Japanese friends. She recommended to me because it is pure, simple and gentle.After using so many their products, I thought it’s time to give a review.Hope it helps you out as well.

The meaning of Haba is ‘Health Aid Beauty Aid’.Their philosophy is offering simple care to maximise skin’s natural healing power.Yes, by using their product, I truly believe that their products are composed of simple ingredients.I will explain it below.


Haba Squalane

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In the review of beauty oil for face, I recommended Haba Squalane as a facial oil. In fact, it is my favorite in the whole HABA SKINCARE line.

Squalane is a kind of ingredient which can produce by human beings. But when we get older, we produce less. So we can use haba squalane to balance our skin condition.

It is very mild and absorbs super fast. You will not feel greasy at all. Just put one drop in your facial cream. The moisture level will increase immediately. You can feel a significant improvement.I highly recommend it! But when you have acne, please don’t apply it directly! Mixed with cream or toner is a better way!

Squalane breaks down slowly, so don’t worry about the effectiveness when you open up. Just take your time.


There are two extend product of squalane which is Haba Whitening Squalaneand HABA SQUA Q10


Haba Whitening Squalane

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It contains both Osmotic Vitamin C Derivative and Squalane to make your skin moisture and whitening together. However, I think there is not a big difference between this one and normal squalane above. My skin didn’t get whiten after 1 month use. So I think normal one is good enough.




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Combined with Squalane, Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10. Coenzyme Q10 produced in the human body itself for enzyme activity.But the production decrease after 20 years old. This ingredient has antioxidant properties to keep you looking young.

I tried a bottle of SQUA Q10. In fact, the feeling is almost the same. The liquid is a little bit thicker. For antioxidant effect, it may take a long time to see.

All in all, I think choosing Haba Squalane is a good choice for face oil. You don’t have to buy the whitening one or squa Q10 one if you only need a good moisture product.



Haba G-Lotion

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G-lotion is a toner supporting the use of squalane. The ingredients are natural and simple including seaweed, bamboo water, and sea salt. Gentle as other haba products. It will make your skin very moisturized. It belongs to light toner, feels like pure water. However, this toner can make your skin change in an invisible way. Don’t forget to pat your face 5 times if you are using it with  Squalane oil.

Highly Recommend using with Squalane Oil.



Haba Squa Facial foam

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One of the gentlest facial cleanser I have ever used. Recommend to use in Morning. Made with[amazon link=”B00GLO7XJ0″ title=”Squalane” /]  and silk powder. You will never feel dry after washing. However, the cleansing effect of this facial foam is not strong enough.  If you have make-up or a lot of dirt on your face, this one would not be helpful. So only use it in morning, choose another one at night!



HaBa Squa Cleansing

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It is a kind of cleaning oil for make-up removing. The ingredients include squalane, silk, hibiscus flower extract. I will recommend you to use it when you just apply sun cream or BB. If you need to remove heavy make-up, this one may not be your choice. It is gentle and moisturized after washing.

Besides, I will suggest you wash your face again using facial foam. It will make your face more comfortable.


As a whole, HABA SKINCARE is very gentle, simple (additive-free)and fragrance-free. It especially suits people with sensitive skin and dry skin.

At last, [amazon link=”B00GLO7XJ0″ title=”Haba Squalane” /] is my favorite. You really should have a try!

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